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Q: What is Toyota 4Runner Topsites?  
A: Toyota 4Runner Topsites is a place on the web for listing and ranking Toyota 4Runner Owners personal websites. It was created exclusively to showcase Toyota 4Runner Owners personal vehicle websites, all other applicants listings will be deleted. It aims at enhancing the exposure of said websites by competing against each other in a fair and simple way. Your position in topsite list is not really what matters, it is attracting hits to your site, and giving your site some exposure. It is free to join and will increase traffic to your web pages.
Q: What brings people to a Topsite list?  
A: 1) If you do not have personal website that fits in with the topsite category, you will find the list usefull as a directory listing of popular related websites. In a Topsite list you always find current pages, since only pages with current visitors are listed.
      2) If you are webmaster of a site, the topsite list is a great place to list your page among other related sites. You will gain many new visitors to your pages.  
Q: How do you join up?  
A: It is simple. Just click "Join" on the menu bar and fill in a few pieces of info. After you sign up you will get a small piece of HTML code to add to your sites homepage. You may NOT edit this code in any way, it will look similar to this: An icon will then be displayed on your website which will track how much unique traffic your site gets a day... the more visitors your site receives, the higher it will place in the rankings.
The icon looks like this:
If you are in the top 10 rankings your icon will automatically display your rank on the icon like this:
It rates your site by how many average daily unique visitors you receive, weather or not someone clicks on the provided icon. Only one vote per visitor will be recorded every 24 hours. Just remember the password you choose when you sign up, it is used to edit your url or description at a later time.
Q: I just registered and I do not see my site listing?  
A: Your site will only appear in the list when the webmaster approves your site.  
Q: I've been registered for a while and now I do not see my site listing?  
A: Your site will be inactivated if it receives no hits in a 14 day period.  
Q: Where should/can we put the banner code?  
A: Load the code anywhere on your personal 4Runner website you like. If you have a gateway or index page to multiple sites that you run, please put the banner on only the pages that are 4Runner related and not this gateway page. This way the only hits recorded are true visitors to your 4Runner site. If you display the topsite button closer to the top of your webpage you increase the chances of the button getting loaded more often thereby increasing you ranking on the topsites chart as Sometimes a visitor to your site will quickly hit another link on that page before the page finishes loading. If you do not want the button on your homepage put it into another page, it just may not get hit as much and your ranking will be lower. But you will still have a place on the topsite list. You can put the button on as many pages of yours as you like as long as it is only on your own personal 4Runner pages. The "unique pageview" count won't be artifically increased because it tracks and sorts by unique visitors.  
Q: I just put the code on one of my pages. So if someone wants to vote for me they can. Am i correct that each time someone clicks the button on my homepage, I get one point?  
A: The unique thing about the way we chose to set the options of this script and the thing that makes it so good for this application is that no one has to click on the button you were provided with. The topsites page set to record the unique number of visitors to your page. It counts the number of times the button is loaded via a visitor accessing your website. If they do click on the button then they will be recorded as a "unique hit in". You may choose to sort on that critera also via the drop down box. You can see further details of the "unique hits" on the STATS page by clicking on the STATS link next to your name.  
Q: I lost/forgot the HTML code that I received during sign-up?  
A: Click "User Control Panel" on the menu located at the top of the list. Key in your Username and password to receive the code.  
Q: What is my Username?  
A: On the main Topsites page, click on the "stats" icon next to your listing. Your Username is displayed towards the top.  
Q: How do I edit my information after I register?  
A: Click "User Control Panel" on the menu located at the top of the list. Key in your Username and password. Your current info will appear and you may procede to edit it. The updated information will be shown on the topsite list Immediately.  
Q: I'm confused as to the purpose of this banner thing, how is it used?  
A: It is an optional field. Basically it is a little advertisement for your page. It appears as the heading to your individual stats page.  
Q: Do you know the size that the banner should be?  
A: The maximum size is 468x60. Use Gif or Jpegs only.  
Q: I cannot get my banner to show up on the stats page.  
A: Make sure your banner URL address is correct. Acceptable Url's end in gif or jpg. Also, this could be caused by the server your banner is on. Many free hosting sites such as Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod etc. don't allow banners on their servers to be used on web pages unless the web pages are on their server.  
Q: I received an internal server error. Whats up?  
A: An internal server error can happen if too many people are trying to access the program at the same time. It can also occur if I take the page down for updates. Please be patient and try back at a later time.  
Q: If one does try to cheat can you ban them or reset their rank?  
A: Anti-Cheating technology is built in so that no one can artificially increase their unique count by re-loading their page multiple times. We can and will delete and blacklist someone if they attempt to cheat.  
Q: Explain "Pageviews", "Hits in" and "Hits out".  
A: Pageviews are a record of the number of time the topsites button is loaded on a members site. Only one "Unique" Pageview per visitor will be recorded every 24 hours. Hits in are the number of clicks that come from a viewer clicking on a button located on a members site. Hits out are the number of hits out from the topsites list to a members site.  
Q: I just noticed that the "Today" amounts were re-set back to zero.  
A: This will happen every night at midnight, Eastern Standard Time.  
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