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Greasable Sway Bar Bushings:
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  • Energy Suspension
    Universal Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings
    1-1/4" 32mm # 9-5165G
  • Energy Suspension
    Universal Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings
    1" or 25mm # 9-5161G
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    The Addco red polyurethane sway bar bushings were very nice in both performance and appearance. You must lube those bushings before installing to avoid binding and squeaking. I used white lithium grease but I would recommend using some type of water resistant grease. The problem with the Addco bushings was that they needed re-lubing too often in order to eliminate the squeaking, which required totally removing all the sway bar brackets.
    So I decided to order Energy Suspension's greasable bushing set. I ordered from Sumitt Racing. They have Zerk fittings that are completely greasable using a standard grease gun, and come with a unique channel design that allows lube to migrate to all inner bushing surfaces. This design virtually eliminates binding, even under extreme loads from large diameter sway bars.
    If you order the Black bushings, like I did, they are the 'Poly-Graphite' type which further reduces squeaking. The 'G' at the end of the part number means the bushings are black, it does not indicate a greaseable bushing. Black is the only color with 'Graphite Impregnated' into the bushing. If graphite were added to the Red, Yellow or Blue, it would change the color to an ugly gray tinted bushing.
    The brackets for both the 1" and 1 1/4" bushings are identical. The only difference between the two sets is the diameter of the hole in the bushing itself. The brackets fit my 4Runner and I was able to insert the bolts with no difficulty. But in order for the washers provided in the set to lay 100% flat on the rear bracket some filing was needed. I used a round file to extend the holes (the side closest to the bushing) a few millimeters.
    I loaded a grease gun, now dedicated to lubing sway bar bushings only, with a Marine Grade Water Resistant grease cartridge. This green grease should help to keep the bushing lube from washing out during water crossings and heavy rain. And when re-greasing becomes necessary all I'll have to do is reach under and give the zerks few pumps with the grease gun.

    Energy Suspensions Greasable Sway Bar Bushings, Black Graphite Impregnated

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