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Bilstein Shocks:
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  • Bilstein
    Toyota 4Runner Shock Set
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    To further increase handling performance I choose Bilstein's heavy duty nitrogen gas high pressure shock absorbers.
    I had my Addcos for one year before I decided to get the Bilsteins. Sway bars primarily control body roll around turns. That is what they are designed to do and the Addocs make you corner just about flat. If that is what you want get them, they work well with the factory shocks. Shocks on the other hand primarily dampen the movement of the springs. I purchased Bilsteins to control the "boat like" feeling and "floating sensation" that you get going down a straight, yet bumpy or rolling type road. Many people get the Bilsteins to stiffen the ride or increase the handling through the turns by decreasing the body roll and they may do that somewhat but if you primarily want flatter cornering and dont go off-road much just get the Addcos first then see if you really need/want the upgraded shocks.

    Issue 1 and 2
    Here are three important things to remember when installing these shocks. These are common issuses that installers routinely perform incorrectly.
    1. Make sure the front strut spring seat is installed correctly, the rounded part faces upward.
    2. Ensure that the factory springs (if you continue to use them) are re-installed on the same side they were removed from. Toyota specifys different spring part numbers for the driver and passenger side. On my 1999 V-6 4WD 4Runner there are paint marks on the factory front springs which identify which side of the vehicle they go on. The passenger spring has a yellow and blue paint mark, while the driver side is painted pink and blue. Also the paint marks must face the front of the vehicle.
    3. Confirm that the lower end of the coil spring is facing towards the outside of the vehicle.

    Issue 3

    Issue 3

    Rear Shock FSM

    Rear Shock FSM

    I purchased them from Performance Products.
    Part # Axle Damping Rates Legnths
    Compression Rebound Collapsed Extended
    BE5-2450 Front 4WD 76nm (56ft/lbs) 398nm (293ft/lbs) 13.70" 18.25"
    BE5-2451 Rear 4WD and 2WD 79nm (58ft/lbs) 179nm (132ft/lbs) 12.70" 20.20"
    BE5-2482 Front 2WD 90nm (66ft/lbs) 280nm (206ft/lbs) 13.70" 18.25"


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