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Floor Liners:
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  • Husky Liners
    Classic Style Series Front Floor Liners
  • Husky Liners
    Classic Style Series 2nd Row Floor Liners
  • Weather Tech
    Cargo Liner Tan
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    I have the front and rear set of Husky Liners Floor Liners in Black. They are made of a rubberized thermo-plastic material. These are a great in protecting the truck's Oak colored carpeting, especially in the winter. I have the new version which have stay put nibs (SPiN) on the bottom, the mats do not move around at all. The driver's pedal area does NOT need to be trimmed, as some have had to do with the older versions. Since I have had these floor liners I very rarley have to vaccum my interior. Each time I wash my vehicle I simply hose off the liners, dry and put back. This is one of the best things you can do to protect your interior.
    For cargo area protection I have chosen a HighlandUSA Cargo Liner in Tan part #44733.

    Floor Liners
    Wind Deflectors:
    I have a 4 piece set, (front and rear doors) of WeatherFlectors by ClimAir. Purchased from MacNeil Automotive Accessories web site. I chose these because of their optically transparent properties and the fact that they mount without the use of tape. They fit into the window channel and have a slimmer profile on the vehicle than other brands. Also the cut and quality of the cast acrylic material seems to be of high quality.

    Wind Deflectors
    Toyota Sunroof Wind Deflector:
    Purchased from Texas Toyota Wholesale Parts web site. This is the original equipment manufacturer sunroof wind deflector. The option code is SD.
    At highway speeds it greatly reduces the wind noise in the cabin. But when driving between 25-40 mph with the sunroof completly open and all windows closed an unbearable interior noise is created. To counteract this situation, open the cargo window 1/4 inch, the pressure is released and the sound fully disappears.

    Toyota Sunroof Wind Delflector
    Toyota Cargo Net:
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  • Toyota Cargo Net
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    Purchased from Texas Toyota Wholesale Parts web site. This is the original equipment manufacturer cargo net. The option code is CN.
    This is installed by drilling a 1/4 inch hole on each side of the cargo compartment at 14 inches above the floor level and about 4 13/16" in from the weatherstripping. The net keeps loose items from bouncing around the cargo area.

    Toyota Cargo Net
    Factory Roof Rack Rail Removal:
    I have removed the 3 inner rails from the factory roof rack. These 3 rails were mounted flush against the painted roof of the vehicle.
    There were a few reasons for removal. Washing and waxing is easier without them. Water drained slowly from between them after raining, removing them keeps stagnant water off the roof. Dirt and dust would get trapped under them and over time can buff the paint.
    Since I only use the inner rails a few times per year if that, removal is a good idea. They store conveniently in the cargo area, and can be installed in seconds with no tools when needed. There is no need to remove the square nuts that are left inside the side rails after removing the inner rails. Just put back the bolts and hand tighten them down, then they will not move around.

    Factory Roof Rack Rail Removal
    Sun Shade:
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  • Covercraft
    UVS100 Heat Shield
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    I purchased a UVS100 Heat Shield from Performance Products. It is made by CoverCraft. I wanted this to reduce interior temperatures and fading when parking outdoors during the daytime. It is custom patterned to the exact 4Runner windshield. It's made using laminated and insulated construction, the outside being a silver reflective material and the inside being soft felt. It accordian folds up and stores in a vinyl case.

    UVS100 Heat Shield
    Front Splash Guards :
    Whenever you take your vehicle off road there is a chance of damaging the factory running boards. It takes very little time to remove them. Sometimes I will remove them and when I do I like to install these Toyota Splashguards. They are made to fit the factory SR5 black textured flares I have on my Highlander.

    Front Splash Guards
    Black Pearl Antenna Nut:
    I had the dealer install my black pearl emblem package before I accepted delivery of my new vehicle. What I did not realize at the time was that a black pearl antenna nut was available. The antenna nut was the last piece of chrome left on my 4Runner Highlander. The black pearl antenna nut matches the emblems. It is very easy to install. I was able to unscrew the old nut off by hand and that is how I installed the new one as well.

    Black Pearl Antenna Nut
    Lev-O-Gage Inclinometer:
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  • Sun Company Lev-o-gage #2011-I
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    A LEV-O-GAGE inclinometer or 'tilt meter' indicates precise incline up to 45 degrees. One Lev-O-Gage which is mounted on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel above the headlight dimmer switch measures side-to-side tilt angle. A second Lev-O-Gage mounted on the side pillar above the passenger seat belt anchor shows angle of climb or down grade. The gauge is 3.50" wide and 1.75" tall. The brass ball rides in special damping fluid to indicate angle. I ordered them from 4x4 Connection.

    Lev-O-Gage Inclinometers

    Toyota 4Runner Topsites

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