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Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Wheels:

Get current product pricing here...
  • Vöxx Replica Pro Wheels
  • OEM TRD Pro Wheel
    PTR20-35110-GR Matte Gray
  • OEM TRD Pro Wheel
    PTR20-35110-F5 Flat Bronze
  • OEM (2021+) TRD Pro Wheel
    PTR56-89210-F2 Matte Black
  • West Coast Wheel Accessories
    Bulge Acorn Spline ET Lug Nuts
  • Gorilla Automotive Products
    3434DS Thin Wall Lug Wrench Adapter
  • Gorilla Automotive Products
    1334 Telescoping 1/2" drive Power Wrench
  • Adam’s
    UV Ceramic Wheel Coating
  • Detail Factory
    Boar Detailing Brush Set
  • ExoForma
    Bendable Brush Set
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    I earn from qualifying purchases
    The TRD Pro model of the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner (2010-2023) comes from the factory with some unique wheels that I really like. The TRD Pro model, along with this new wheel design, was introduced in 2015. In 2021 Toyota came out with a revised and updated design to this TRD Pro wheel and at the same time changed the construction from Cast to Flow Forged. I like this new design even better.
    These wheels are a great retro-fit 'OEM Plus' upgrade for the 4th Gen 4Runners as the bolt pattern is the same (6 x 5.5", 139.7mm Pitch Circle Diameter).
    Factory TRD Pro Wheels considered:
    Here are the Factory TRD Pro wheel specifications and pictures:
    Original TRD Pro Wheel:
  • Wheel Part#: PTR20-35110-GR Matte Gray
  • Center Cap Part#: PTR20-35111-GR Matte Gray with red TRD logo on center cap
  • Size: 17x7
  • Offset: 4mm
    New Style 2021+ Factory TRD Pro Wheel:
  • Wheel Part#: PTR56-89210-F2 Matte Black
  • Center Cap Part#: PT280-89210-F2 Matte Black with red TRD logo on center cap
  • Size: 17x7
  • Offset: 4mm

    Original Factory TRD Pro Wheel
    Introduced in 2015.

    New Style Factory TRD Pro Wheel
    Introduced in 2021.
    While I like the styling of the new 2021+ version, there are a few things that the aftermarket has improved upon.
  • OEM TRD Pro wheels are offered in Matte Black mainly and in 2023 in Bronze. My preference is towards the previous versions Gunmetal/Graphite/Gray color range.
  • OEM TRD Pro wheels are only 7.0" wide, perhaps for weight savings, cost savings, or greater tire bulge (rim protection). My factory 4th Gen Sport wheels are 7.5" in width.
  • OEM TRD Pro wheels are only availabe in offset of +4mm. Although this +4mm offset is 22mm less offset (more aggressive) over factory 5th Gen wheels and 26mm less offset (more aggressive) over my factory 4th Gen Sport wheels, it is just not quite enough offset to get the wheels flush with the fenderwells like my wheel spacer setup currently does.

    4th Gen 4Runner Stock Wheel Sizes:
    For Reference.

    4Runner Stock Wheel Sizes.
    From the factory, the 4th Gen Toyota 4Runners wheel have an offset of +30mm which sets the wheels too far inside the wheelwell for my liking. The Front tires are tucked/inset by 1.25" and the Rear tires tucked/inset by 1.75".
    I prefer the wheels to be flush with the fender flare for a better stance, look and handling when lifted. I do not want a too much wheel/tire poke outside the wheelwell as I do not want that super aggressive look and also that adds significantly to rock chips, more dirt on the body, more tire rubbing and in some areas is illegal for on-road usage.

    Wheel Offset.
    Calculating Desired Wheel Offset:
    I am very happy with the stance that I have been running for the last 15 years on this vehicle and want to replicate that as much as possible after moving to new wheels. My stance is obtained by using Spidertrax WHS-007 wheel spacers which are 1.25" or 31.75mm thick and provide the more aggressive stance in combination with the factory wheels. They bring the Front tires flush with the fender flare while leaving the Rears tucked 1/2" inside of the fender flare.
    If I am going to get new wheels, I would prefer to eliminate the need for wheel spacers by purchasing wheels with an appropriate amount of offset to obtain the stance I want. In this case the factory TRD Pro wheels +4mm offset is not quite going to get me to the same effective place I am now.
    My factory 4th Gen 4Runner Sport wheels have a +30mm offset. The Spidertrax wheel spacers are 1.25" or 31.75mm thick which provide 31.75mm negative offset. This gets me to a net offset of -1.75mm when combined.
    The factory TRD Pro wheel which has a +4mm offset, will be +5.75mm or +0.25" more inward wheel placement than I am setup for now. Hence my looking at Replica versions of the TRD Pro wheels.
    The aformentioned list of bulleted dislikes with the factory version of the TRD Pro wheel, including the offset issue, are remediated by the Replica version of the TRD Pro wheels. Being a 'Replica' of the factory TRD Pro wheel, enables improvements to be made to the original. The Replicas come in a Matte Gray color, are 8.5" wide and have a near perfect 0mm offset. This 0mm neutral offset will, after the wheel spacer removal, be only 1.75mm or 0.07" more inward (less aggressive) wheel placement than I am set up for now. This will hardly be noticable.
    BUT WAIT, since these wheels are 1.0" wider in width (8.5" vs 7.5"), this change in width also needs to be accounted for. If you change the width of the wheel, the net offset equation changes and you need to further evaluate.
    Again, my current (Stock 4th Gen Sport) wheel size: 17"x7.5" +30mm combined with -31.75mm Spidertrax = -1.75mm Net Offset
    The New TRD Pro Replica wheel size with no wheel spacer: 17"x8.5" has an 0mm Offset.
    Now that we are considering new wheels with an additional 1" of width, the offset is no longer a true apples to apples comparison. You need to calculate where the center of the wheel is and then add the offset.
    Stock wheel width: 7.5” x 25.4mm = 190.50mm.
    190.50mm ÷ 2 = 95.25mm (This is to find the center of the barrel).
    95.25 – -1.75mm offset = 97.00mm (from mounting point).
    New TRD Pro Replica wheel width: 8.5” x 25.4mm = 215.90mm.
    215.90mm ÷ 2 = 107.95mm (center of barrel).
    107.95mm – 0mm = 107.955mm (from mounting point).
    The Replica wheels outer rim edge will actually be 10.95mm or 0.43" (107.95mm less 97.00mm) further outside the wheelwell / fender flare as compared to Stock setup with Spidertrax. This is different than what we previously calculated (1.75mm or 0.07" more inward) by not taking into account wheel width increase.
    To make matters more confusing, since I am not changing tire width from my previous setup to the new wheel setup, both the old (Duratrac C load) and new (Duratrac SL load) tires have the same 265mm treadwidth.
    The accepted industry's rule of thumb to quantify wheel width change is, for every half inch change in rim width, the tire’s section width will change by approximately 2/10". Therefore, for my Goodyear Duratracs 265/70R17 size, the published 10.7" section width is measured on a rim width of 8.0".
    So when the tire is mounted on the factory wheels 7.5" width we should expect a section width of 10.5".
    And when the tire is mounted on TRD Pro Replica wheels having a 8.5" wheel width we should expect a section width of 10.9".
    This will result in a 4/10" (10.16mm) increase in overall tire width. This is in line with our calculation above showing that the outside wheel edge will be 10.95mm further outside the wheelwell.
    The 10.95mm (0.43") outer edge of wheel further outside the wheel well and 10.16mm (0.40") wider tire section width should give a more squarer side profile rather than the more rounded look that I had previously on the less wide stock wheel.
    The below visulizations will illustrate these items we discussed above.
    Here are some visualizations from WillTheyFit.com which will help you to see the changes to my wheel and tire stance overtime and what we discussed above.

    Phase 1
    Upsize Tires Only

    Change from 265/65/R17 to 265/70/R17

    Tire just gets taller

    Phase 1
    Add Wheel Spacers

    Wheel and Tire get pushed outward 1.25" or 31.75mm

    Phase 1
    Change Wheels, Remove Wheel Spacers

    The new wheels outer edge is 10.95mm or 0.43" further outward
    The tire sidewall moves 10.16mm or 0.40" further outward
    The sidewalls also become somewhat less rounded
    Replica TRD Pro Wheels considered:
    There are a few manufacturers that produce a TRD Pro Replica Wheel. Each has its own minor differences from the original, which will appeal to various buyers accordingly. I am listing them in the order I most preferred to least preferred with a few comments that influenced my personal preference ranking.
  • Vöxx Wheels Replica Pro Pros: Load Rating: 2500 lbs (per Wheel). I like how the Gray color appears to be a lighter shade (lighter than FSW and darker than AGP, though in reality it is not as light as the manufacturers pictures lead you to believe). 28-year Company History. Only a 3-Week backorder! Cons: Requires 60° taper conical seat lug nuts.
  • FSW PRO Replica F249 Pros: Flow Forged construction giving a low weight of 22.45lbs for 0mm Offset wheel. Also available in -10 Offset (22.9 lbs). Compatible with OEM Mag Style Lug Nuts. Cons: Perpetually on backorder. Lower load rating of 1,874 lbs (per Wheel).
  • Alphas One TR5 Pros: Offered in multiple sizes 17X8 +5, 17X9 +0. Cons: No detailed specs on website such as weight, load rating and required lug nut style. Red ring TRD Center Cap. Always "Out of Stock".
  • AGP PRO Replica Pros: Available in Hyper Black (black metallic base coat with a silver metallic top coat). Compatible with OEM Mag Style Lug Nuts. The center cap is interchangeable with an OEM cap. Cons: +5mm Offset (prefer 0mm Offset or ideally -5mm Offset). Although not shown, the center cap typically has a red AGP logo on it which uses the TRD font.
  • OE Concepts TRD5 W260 Pros: Cons: Only available in Gloss Black, Satin Black and Matte Bronze. 17x7" only. Red center cap. No detailed specs on website such as offset, weight, load rating and required lug nut style.
  • DX4 Wheels Beast Pros: 8.5" width. Cons: Only available in Flat Black and Frozen Bronze. I dont like the center cap style. No detailed specs on website such as weight, load rating and required lug nut style.
  • FN Wheels ƒ(x) Pro Pros: Brand has great reputation on the forums, available in both High Gloss and Matte Gunmetal finishes. Cons: Older 2015-2020 TRD Pro SEMA Style. Backordered for 3+ Months

    Vöxx Wheels Replica Pro

    FSW PRO Replica F249

    Alphas One TR5

    AGP PRO Replica

    OE Concepts TRD5 W260

    DX4 Wheels Beast

    FN Wheels ƒ(x) Pro
    After considerable research and review of the various manufacturers of TRD Pro style Replica wheels, these are the wheels I ultimately decided to go with:
    Vöxx Wheels:
    VOXX Wheels: Elevate Your Vehicle's Performance and Aesthetics.
    Vöxx Products started in 1995 because of the strong demand for quality wheels at affordable prices. Vöxx embarked on this voyage because of an industry shift to offshore wheel manufacturing. With 28 years of previous industry experience, the management team at Vöxx gathered a core group of clients, channeled their enthusiasm for the automotive industry, and further developed wheel man­ufacturing knowledge. We are proud to announce, as of 2023, we are in our 28th year of business.
    Unveiling the future of wheel technology, VOXX Wheels stands as a paragon of excellence in the automotive world. Born from decades of engineering prowess and a rich legacy that tracks back to the inception of the auto-industry, VOXX Wheels is not just a brand, it's an emblem of revolution in wheel manufacturing.
    Unparalleled Technical Mastery:
    Diving deep into the technical marvel that VOXX Wheels encapsulates: - Alloy Composition: Leveraging a unique blend of metals, each wheel promises lightweight functionality without compromising strength. - Finish: Utilizing advanced techniques, VOXX Wheels boasts a spectrum of finishes, from matte to high-gloss, ensuring corrosion resistance and a look that captivates. - Load Ratings: Engineered to perfection, each wheel adheres to rigorous load rating standards, promising safety and longevity. - Aerodynamics: With a design that reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency, VOXX isn't just about looks; it's about performance at its pinnacle. - Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Friendly: In this age of tech, VOXX ensures that its wheels are compatible with modern vehicle monitoring systems.
    Vöxx Wheels Replica Pro
    The Pro replica wheel not only looks great, it's engineered for performance and reliability. It's built to provide proper weight, offset, and brake clearance to handle those off-road adventures.
    This wheel features a 6-spoke H design with debossed slotted accents around the circumference of the lip and a deep concave profile for rugged styling. The wheel is an aftermarket factory style replica wheel. A center cap is included and also accepts Toyota TRD OEM Part Number: PT280-34200-02.

  • Brand: Vöxx Wheels
  • Style: OEM TRD Pro Replica
  • Model: Replica Pro
  • Part #: 785-6139-00 GRY
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Gray
  • Finish: Matte
  • Size: 17x8.5
  • Diameter: 17 Inch
  • Width: 8.50 Inches
  • Offset: 0mm
  • Backspacing: 4.75 Inch, 120.7mm
  • Bolt Pattern: 6 x 139.7mm (6 x 5.5-Inch)
  • Wheel Centerbore: 106.2mm
  • Lug Seat: 60° Conical
  • Load Rating: 2500 lbs (per Wheel)
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Colors Available: Matte Gray, Matte Black, Matte Bronze.
  • Accepts OEM Center Cap #PT280-34200-02
  • Split Six-Spoke Design with Factory styling.
  • Aggressive Concave Profile
  • Maximum Caliper Clearance
  • Must use 60° Conical Lug Nuts
  • Designed with durability and off road capability in mind.
  • Looks excelent on Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser or Lexus GX460/GX470.
  • Compatible with OEM Center Caps
  • 1996-2023 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2001-2023 Toyota Tacoma (6-Lug Only)
  • 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • 1999-2006 Toyota Tundra
  • 2001-2007 Toyota Sequoia
  • 2010-2021 Lexus GX460
  • 2003-2009 Lexus GX470
    Package Contents:
  • Wheel
  • Center Cap
  • Compatible with OEM TPMS Sensor; TPMS valve stem may be needed.
    With offices in Asia, we oversee product development and production to assure all finished goods meet the standards of both SAE-J2530 and VMS (Voxx Manufacturing Standards) assuring our customers receive the timely delivery and quality they expect. Voxx offers warehousing and distribution options as well, with distribution facilities in various USA locations. The SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers, or as it is known today, SAE International. SAE International is a professional association and standards development organization for the engineering industry, with a special focus on transport sectors such as automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles. SAE is renowned for its ratings of automobile horsepower and aerospace industry standards.
    Vöxx Products guarantees all wheels sold by the company or an authorized dealer, to be free of defects in workmanship and material, to the original consumer, for a period of One Year from the original date of purchase. The warranty period for “out of round” is 90 days from the date of the original purchase. Proof of original consumer purchase is required prior to processing any warranty request. Wheels that are PVD-coated do not carry a warranty related to the finish. Wheels used for off-road or racing purposes and wheels that have been altered in any way, are not covered by the warranty.
    If you feel there is a question regarding the warranty of any Vöxx wheel, please contact the dealer from which the product was purchased. Any authorized Vöxx nationwide distributor or regional dealer can be contacted for inspection and handling of a warranty item. Upon inspection and determination of a defect, Vöxx, at their choice, will either replace or repair the defective item with the same or equivalent product.
    I really like this choice of wheel. The "Matte Gray" color as they call it is more of a nice Satin Finish and the color matches the Sport Edition factory side tubes and tubular roof rack.
    The offset and width combination turned out to be perfect.

    Stance Revisited:
    So, how did all our calculations performed before purchasing (and described above) in order to decide on what wheel offset to purchase translate into the real world change in Stance?

    Wheels ended up sitting 6.35mm (1/4") outside the front fenders and 3.18mm (1/8") inside the rear fenders.






    Lug Nut Information:
    Vöxx wheels have a sixty-degree (60°) taper conical seat. You cannot re-use the Factory Mag Seat type Lug Nuts. Proper Conical Seat Acorn style lug nuts must be used.

    Conical Seat Lugs (Aftermarket)
    Mag Lug Nuts (Toyota Factory)
    It is important to use a high quality lug nut as there are many cheap inferior lug nuts out there on the market. This is a safety item where durability, ability to maintain torque, rust and corrosion resistance, thread compatibility, and longevity all come into play. You do not want to cheap out on this item. Here are the Lug Nuts I purchased:
    Bimecc USA Wheel Accessories
  • Lug Nut Type: 60° Taper Conical Seat Extended Thread (ET)
  • Part #: D40-ZnNi Black
  • Thread Size: M12x1.5
  • Wrench Size: 19mm (3/4") Hex
  • Overall Length: 34mm
  • Extended Shank Length: 6mm
  • Shank Width: 15.7mm
  • Grade: 8.0
  • Surface: ZnNi Black
  • Color: Black

    Lug Nuts

    Lug Nuts

    Lug Nuts
    If you cannot find the Bimecc Lug Nuts (top quality but hard to find) my runner up choice would be the West Coast Wheel Accessories 12x1.5 Bulge Acorn Spline ET Lug Nuts 6 Lug Install Kit. This kit uses a spline drive which allows for greater torque on a slimmer nut, and as with Bimecc, West Coast Wheel is another trusted name brand in regards to Lug Nuts.

    West Coast Wheel Accessories 12x1.5 Bulge Acorn Spline ET Lug Nuts 6 Lug Install Kit
    Lug Wrench Information:
    Your factory Toyota 4Runner Lug Wrench is for 21mm lug nuts and will no longer work with these new Bimecc USA 19mm lug nuts. These require a 19mm wrench.
    At first I tried the Gorilla Automotive Products 3434DS Thin Wall Lug Wrench Adapter Dual Socket. This Adapts the stock 21mm (13/16") OEM lug wrench to fit the new 19mm (3/4") lug nuts.
  • Outside Diameter: 1.0" (25.4mm).
  • Length: 2.5" (2-1/2", 6.35cm).
  • Drive: 3/4" (19mm) & 13/16" (21mm)
  • End Type: 3/4" (19mm) Hex (Female)
    While it appears to be a quality product, the fit is too tight for my liking. Due to the overall short length when combined with the factory lug wrench, the adapter puts the lug wrench far too close to the new wheels finish for comfort.
    Though I will no longer use my air impact tools with these new wheels in order to avoid scratching up the Black Lug Nuts as well as the wheels themselves, using this combination of adapter and factory lug wrench is not any better.

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS
    Thin Wall Lug Wrench Adapter Dual Socket

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS Adapter with Factory Lug Wrench

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS Adapter with Factory Lug Wrench

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS Adapter with Factory Lug Wrench

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS Adapter with Factory Lug Wrench

    Gorilla Automotive 3434DS Adapter with Factory Lug Wrench
    So I ultimately went with the Gorilla Automotive Products 1334 Telescoping 1/2" drive Power Wrench with 3/4" (19mm) and 13/16" (21mm) thin wall sockets + 3" extension and case included.
    The Power Wrench is the original extending lug wrench that makes road side tire changes much easier.
    Works on both deep dish wheels and all recessed lug holes.
  • Drive: 1/2"
  • Telescoping Length: (14"-22")
  • Socket Style: Thin Wall
  • Sockets Included: 3/4" (19mm) and 13/16" (21mm)
  • Extension Included: 3"
  • Construction: Hardened steel
  • Accessory: Polybag included for convenient storage

    Gorilla Automotive 1334 Telescoping 1/2" drive Power Wrench

    Gorilla Automotive 1334 Telescoping 1/2" drive Power Wrench

    Fully Collapsed Position

    Fully Extended 21" Position

    Polybag included for convenient storage

    Toyota Spare Tire Tools in Factory Bag
    Power Wrench in Polybag
    Using the Power Wrench provides the necessary space to avoid damaging the wheels painted finish. The thin wall socket is deep enough to protrude out from the wheel, and the 1/2" drive power wrench angled shape puts the wrench handle in a good position away from the tire to allow the room needed to apply the appropriate amount of torque to loosen the nuts by hand.

    Gorilla Automotive 1334
    using 3/4" (19mm) Thin Wall Socket

    Plenty of space to avoid rim finish damage

    Gorilla Automotive 1334
    using the 3" extension bar

    Using the included 3"extension bar is not necessary
    Torque :
    Torque your lug nuts to 83ft. lbs. using the star pattern shown in the picture. Be sure to retighten all lug nuts after the first 25 miles and then the next 50 miles of driving.

    6-Lug Torque Pattern
    Spare Tire and Rotation Information:
    The 4th generation 4Runner comes equipped with a full size spare tire mounted on a matching full size aluminum alloy wheel. When upgrading to these aftermarket wheels I again chose to purchase a matched set of five (5).
    The one inch larger than factory 32" Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tire does indeed fit in the stock spare location.
    A five tire rotation pattern results in equally distributed use that will help maintain equivalent tread depths on all five tires throughout their life. When applied to the 4Runners full time four wheel drive system (all wheel drive is standard with the V-8 engine option), this will prevent driveline damage if a flat tire forces a spare to be put into service with partially worn tires on the other three wheel positions.
    By rotating the spare into the pattern, you accomplish a secondary benefit of extending the other tires life a little longer and getting useage out of the spare. Remember, tires have a shelf life and do dry out after many years. You may as well get some use out of the spare rather than discarding it unused when your main four tires wear out.
    I have chosen to rotate my tires every 5,000 miles using the pattern shown above. The spare will be inserted in the passenger side rear position at each rotation.

    5-Tire Rotation Pattern
    Cleaning and Protecting:
    Here are some of the detailing products I like to use for these wheels.
    As soon as I received the wheels, I Ceramic Coated them before installing them on the vehicle. This way they were as clean as possible before starting the process. All I had to do preparation wise for the coating was to do an IPA wipe down.
  • Distilled water and 91% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
    This was mixed into a 50/50 solution in a spray bottle to be used as a cleaning solution before ceramic coating new wheels. It removes any contamination that can ruin the coating from adhering properly.

    Distilled water and 91% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
    Adam’s UV Ceramic Wheel Coating
  • Adds Extreme Hydrophobic Effects
  • 9H Hardness, 6+ years protection
  • 50mL Bottle does 3 sets of standard wheels
  • Extremely durable protection, repels water and elements
  • Patent Pending, UV Tracing technology
  • Made in the USA
    I coated both the faces and the barrels of the wheels TWICE, using less than half the 50ml bottle. I did not use a UV light in order to ensure I did not miss any spots, although that option is available using this product. I feel that by applying using a crosshatch pattern. Then putting on a second coat, that there is little chance of missing a spot.

    Adam’s UV Ceramic Wheel Coating
    Detail Factory Boar Detailing Brush Set
  • Ergonomically designed handle profile
  • Textured grip area
  • Balanced at grip area to minimize user fatigue
  • Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft synthetic bristles
  • Metal free construction to prevent scratching
    These are quite soft while still being able to clean wheels subject to dirty conditions and brake dust. They make it easy to get into the lug nut area and intricate details of the wheel spokes.

    Detail Factory Boar Detailing Brush Set
    ExoForma Bendable Brush Set
  • Fully bendable tip for hard to reach places
  • Rubber tip to prevent scratching
  • 100% polypropylene wool carpet fiber that's tough on dirt but safe on all wheel finishes
  • Brush Dimensions: Large 20" Length, 3" Width
  • Brush Dimensions: Medium 13" Length, 2-1/4" Width
    These brushes are very soft and allow you to get inbetween the wheel spokes to the backside and clean the wheel barrel.

    ExoForma Bendable Brush Set

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