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Toyota 4Runner LED High Beam lighting kit:
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  • Lasfit
    LS Plus Series
    6K White 9005 bulbs
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    I earn from qualifying purchases
    Upgrade my Toyota 4Runner high beam driving lights to something that will be comparable to the significant upgrade I performed to my low beams and fog lamps around 10 years ago. At that time I installed a High Intensity Discharge (HID) kit into those locations and it was a major upgrade. I did not upgrade the high beams at that time for a few reasons. Bulbs needed for the high beam location must be instant on type for 'flash to pass' to work and HID need a little warm up time. Secondly, I do not live in an area where I can use the high beams much at all due to the volume of vehciles on the road at all times and I was not driving much late at night anyhow.
    Over the last few years, the technology in High Power LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) has been rapidly evolving. Even if I only get the ideal opportunity to use them a few times a year during out of state road trips, I think now is a good time to complete my vehicles lighting upgrade since the high beams are the last bulbs yet to be upgraded. LEDs will remove the last of the yellowish halogen lighting and transition over to the more modern looking crisp white light color range all while hopefully increasing overall nighttime driving visibility.
    Lasfit LED Headlight Conversion Kit:
    I am installing Lasfit.com LS Plus Series 6K White 9005 bulbs into my high beam housings. This is their top of the line 9005/HB3 LED bulb, as they currently make five different versions to meet various needs and price points. These LED bulbs put out 4000 lumens of light per bulb as compared with 1700 lumens for standard halogen 9005 bulbs. Many new vehicles are now being produced with LED headlamps as the benefits are efficiency, quality of light, and bulb lifespan.
    Main Features and Specifications of the Lasfit LS Plus Series LED Bulbs:
    Lasfit Auto Lighting was founded in 2015 and is located in greater Los Angeles area, City of Ontario, California. They are focused on the automotive LED lighting industry, providing high-quality performance products and unparalleled service to customers with competitive pricing. The LSplus series aims to provide highest brightness, ultimate stability and high-performance LED headlight bulbs to consumers.
    36W, 4000LM, 6000K. Ultra-High Luminous Efficiency.
    Most LED bulbs with high wattage and lumen output tend to be dimmer after the bulb is turned on for a while, than the initial moment they light up. Correspondingly, those aftermarket bulbs are not as bright as they are advertised to be.
    Lasfit LS plus series bulbs produce ultra-high luminous efficiency and continuous powerful xenon white light.
    Instant Lighting that works in the harshest of conditions.
    Perfect for off-road conditions.
    The LED lights coming with two slices of 0.8mm copper substrates combing one 1.5mm copper pipe provide the 2 to 3 times faster thermal efficiency than the traditional copper substrates which means you will get instant lighting for any conditions.
    Adjustable Mode.
    360° adjustable beam pattern. The mounting collar is adjustable and suitable for different light housings that have different angles and allows the light pattern to be easily adjusted to mimic a halogen one but is brighter and clearer in an LED platform.
    The beam pattern is set correctly by default but can be adjusted by simply loosening a screw using the allen wrench included in the package. Expect zero dark spots and a pattern that is focused to near perfection.
    High Efficient Heat Conduction.
    The efficient cooling system uses a 40mm dual ball bearing cooling fan combined with a 42mm cooper heat dissipation system, ensuring super cooling ability and highly efficient heat dissipation even when driving for long periods of time.
    Lasfit LSplus series heat conduction was designed with two high-quality copper substrates and a copper pipe. The copper pipe dissipates the heat rapidly from the LED chips, and cools down the temperature around the LED chips, which guarantee the lighting efficiency of the LED chips and improved the stability. This ensures a bulb lifespan in excess of 30,000 hours.

    Even More Cool and Safe Features.
    Lasfit Lsplus series was designed with an upgraded cooling system that utilizes an enlarged heat sink and dual ball bearing based cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation.
    The temperature of the kit keeps to around 108°F/42°C ensuring zero risks for overheat to damage the assembly. Bright 6000K xenon white light for drivers who want to increase visibility and a fresh new look on your vehicle.
    Tech Specs.
    These bulbs are built with an external driver, dual ball bearing cooling fans, 42mm heat dissipation system, and upgraded LED chip to ensure ultra-high luminous efficiency. The mounting collar is adjustable so the light pattern could be easily adjusted and looks brighter and clearer than a halogen one.
  • Plug Type: 9005/ HB3
  • Light Mode: Single Beam
  • External/ Internal Driver: External
  • Light Power: 72W/set (36W/bulb)
  • Luminous Flux: 8000LM/set (4000LM/bulb)
  • Voltage: DC 9-16
  • Color Temperature: Bright White 6,000K
  • Operating Temperature: -40-80 Degree Celsius
  • Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Certification: CE, RoHS
    Color selection.
    Color selection is a big part of selecting upgrading lighting. Color temperature is also one of the biggest misconceptions regarding lighting. The Kelvin (K) rating simply measures the color output of the light on the Kelvin color temperature scale. It does not measure the amount of light output of the bulb. The intensity of the bulb is measured by luminosity. The lower the color temperature, the more yellow the coloration. The higher the color temperature, the more blue the coloration.
    Luminosity goes down as you climb the color scale. This is due to the amount of blue light that is present. Bulbs with more blue color actually reduce headlamp performance and increase dangerous glare. This phenomenon is a result of the fact that blue and violet are the shortest wavelength and highest frequency colors of visible light. As such, they scatter the most readily.
    Halogen light bulbs are 3250K in color. Most factory original equipment manufacturer (OEM) HID kits are 4300K in color. While 3000K color provides the greatest contrast (which many believe is well suited for foul weather, fog, snow, etc.), 4300K color provides the most lumens to the ground.
    Lasfit's LEDS are made in 6000K xenon white color. While I would have preferred 5000k to match my HID low beam and fog lamps, these LED bulbs used in the high beam application should be fine for their intended purpose. They will not be on constantly and will provide lighting that is as white as possible without going too far over into the blue range.
  • 2-year hassle-free warranty.
  • 45 days fast return/ money-back guarantee.
  • Lifetime professional customer service.
  • Offline quick telephone support.
  • Physical store experience.
    Please note, these LEDs are for replacing halogen bulbs only. They should not be used to replace factory HID or LEDs. Also, more importantly, that LED bulbs (and HID bulbs as well) are only USA street legal for fog light use. They are not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and therefore not USA street legal for Headlights. This usage regulation is not unique to Lasfit bulbs. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlight housings in the USA.
    That said, these LED bulbs are being used in a high beam application and therefore will only be turned on when no other vehicles are in front of OR oncoming and as such should never be noticed by, or interfere with, anyone on the road.

    The Lasfit LS Series LEDs come with the following items:
  • Two (2) LASFIT LED kits with built in cooling fan and external driver
  • Allen wrench for adjusting beam pattern
  • Lasfit Decals
  • Product Manual.

    Lasfit LS Plus Headlight System

    Lasfit LS Plus Headlight System

    Lasfit LED kit contents

    Foam lined packaging


    High Beam Installation

    Installation really is a simple plug n play type operation.
    Locate the high beam bulbs to be removed. On the 4th Gen 4Runner, they are the bulbs closest to the grille. Turn the bulb base a quarter turn counterclockwise to remove the bulb/base combo from the light housing. Do not handle the halogen bulb as skin oils will shorten the lifespan. Insert the LED bulb into the light housing directly, then rotate clockwise to lock the bulb in place. For the best beam pattern and brightness, ensure the LED chips facing side to side (Not up and down). Connect the vehicle factory wire harness to the LED wiring socket. If the LED bulb doesn’t light up after installation, simply flip the plug around and reconnect as the LEDs are polarity sensitive.

    Passenger High beam - Factory Halogen Installed

    Passenger High beam - Removal

    Passenger High beam - After LED Installation

    On the driver side the installation was made in exactly the same fashion. There was no need to remove the battery from the vehicle to make room.

    Driver side High beam - Factory Halogen Installed

    Driver side High beam - After LED Installation

    For the best beam pattern and brightness, ensure the LED chips facing side to side (Not up and down). No adjustment to the bulb was needed to be made to get the correct orientation in my 4Runner. When installed correctly the wire coming out of the LED bulb will be facing downward.

    LEDs Installed

    LEDs Installed

    LEDs Installed

    Light Aiming:
    According to the AAA Foundation’s report, Countermeasures for Reducing the Effects of Headlight Glare , as many as 50 percent of all headlamps on the road, over 110 million vehicles, may be misaimed. Shock, vibration and wear and tear are the greatest contributors to headlamp misalignment.
    If your low beams are adjusted fine already, you should not have to do anything but I will provide the documentation here for those that need it.
  • Detailed Headlight Aiming Procedure (PDF)

    Headlight Aiming

    So far my initial reaction is that I really like these bulbs. They seem much brighter and definetly whiter. A good match for my HID low beams and fog lamps. Simple installation, around five minutes total. I will need to put them to the test in real world use rather than just mall and wall shots, but after this initial testing I am excited to see them on my next road trip. Will report back here of an issues, but with the research I have done in advance I do not expect any.

    HID Low Beams

    Factory High Beams

    LED High Beams
    Lasfit.com LS Plus Series 6K White 9005 bulbs

    These two pics are meant to show you the high beam pattern of the factory halogens and the new LEDs.
    Due to the camera not really being able to capture the actual brightness or color, these pics are not meant to be used to compare those particular features.

    Factory High Beam Pattern

    LED High Beam Pattern

    Here are some pics showing the difference the LED high beams make in addition to my HID Low Beam and Fog Lamp setup. They add a trememdous amount of light above the low beam cutoff. Of course, for use when no other vehicles are around to be blinded. The light is a nice bright white as opposed to the dull yellowish factory halogen color, which really finishes everything off now that they basically match my HID low beam and fogs.
    One downside is that road signs are somewhat bothersome as due to the higher beam pattern of the high beam reflector housings, they reflect back a lot of light in which the low beams typically shine right under them. You can see the signs much more in advance with the high beams on, but as the approach gets closer they become quite distracting. If you do a lot of back country road driving, lone high speed highway driving late at night that don't have street lights, or offroading, these would be great for you to look further into getting. Thats not really what I do on a regular basis, hence why most of my other mods were done before this. But to add the finishing touch to the vehicle I am really happy that I ultimatley did this upgrade.

    Real World Comparison Shots
    LED High Beams On in Top Pic
    Low Beams only, Bottom Pic

    Real World Comparison Shots
    LED High Beams On in Top Pic
    Low Beams only, Bottom Pic

    Real World Comparison Shots
    LED High Beams On in Top Pic
    Low Beams only, Bottom Pic

    Real World Comparison Shots
    LED High Beams On in Top Pic
    Low Beams only, Bottom Pic


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