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Full Time 12V Power Outlet Mod:
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  • Solderless Male Spade Connector Terminals .250"

  • Power Outlet Schematic
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    My 1999 Toyota 4Runner comes standard with two front and one cargo area 12V auxiliary power points in addition to the front mounted 12V cigarette lighter. All the auxiliary power points only have power when the ignition key is either in the on or accessory position. For various reasons a person may want to have power available at any of these points regardless of key position, for example when the vehicle is off. This modification accomplishes that.
    First remove the power outlet relay located under the hood in the main fuse box area by pulling it straight out firmly. Take a 3 inch piece of 14 gauge wire and crimp on a male solderless terminal to each end. Insert one of the ends into the power outlet relay socket #3 and the other end to socket #5 as seen on the power outlet schematic. #3 and #5 are the only places a standard male soderless terminal will fit, so you won't have any trouble identifying where to insert the jumper wire. Now with the key off test that the power points have 12V power.


    Jumper Wire

    Fuse Box

    12V Power Inverter:
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  • Tripp Lite 375W PowerVerter
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    The Tripp Lite PV300 PowerVerter enables you to run AC appliances by attaching the supplied 3-foot cigarette lighter cord from the inverter to one of the 4Runners three front mounted 12V auxiliary power points or the 12V auxiliary power point in the cargo area. If connecting an item over 240 watts then a direct battery connection is a must rather than using the supplied cigarette lighter cord.
    You no longer have to purchase seperate car chargers for all your accessories such as you cell phone, digital camera, camcorder, laptop, etc. It converts 12V DC battery power to 120V AC power, supplying 300 watts continuous output power; 500 watts peak output power to 2 AC outlets.
    It is an ultra compact, lightweight design with all-metal housing. The low battery alarm notifies user when DC voltage falls to 10.4v or less. The auto-shutoff prevents deep battery discharge by automatically turning the unit off when DC voltage falls to 9.7v or less. The built in 30-amp fuse protects the inverter from overload. The unit has a lighted power switch and built in cooling fan. Dimensions 1.75" x 4.50" x 6.00" (HWD). Weight is 2.00 lbs.


    Tripp Lite PV300 Power Inverter

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